We invest in purposeful consumer businesses with a focus on certain long-term thematic trends. We make control or minority investments ranging from $5 million to $50 million in high growth (> $10 million in revenues) and middle market companies (> $3 million in EBITDA).

Health & Well-Being

Specialty Retail

Beauty & Personal Care


Food and Beverage

Household Products & Services

Restaurants & Food Service

Tech-Enabled Consumer Platforms


We focus our efforts on partnering with businesses with certain long-term thematic trends:

Health and Well-Being

Brands, products and platforms that inspire physical and mental health, performance and well-being.


Omni-channel Convenience

Brands and companies with potential for diverse channel growth including direct-to-consumer, third party e-commerce, retail distribution and/or physical format. 


Companies with products or services tailored to an individual or a unique group or segment. 

Conscious Consumerism

Companies that emphasize creating a positive outcome for all stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, investors, and the community) while bringing greater focus to operating with environmental, social and governance transparency. 

Quality at Value Prices

Companies that bring greater focus to providing quality products and value pricing to a broad consumer demographic. 

Sharing Economy

Companies that bring greater efficiency and effectiveness in distributing goods and services. 


  • Consumer Businesses empowering positive purpose and performance

  • Experienced, resilient and gritty leadership teams capable of delivering sustainable growth without shortcuts
  • Revenues > $10 million
  • Category disruptor (or potential)
  • Brand strength potential with sustainable pricing power
  • Omni-channel scalability
  • Willingness and ability to leverage our Expert Community


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