We invest in purposeful consumer businesses with a focus on certain long-term thematic trends. We make control or minority investments ranging from $5 million to $50 million in high growth (> $10 million in revenues) and middle market companies (> $3 million in EBITDA).

Health & Well-Being

Specialty Retail

Beauty & Personal Care


Food and Beverage

Household Products & Services

Restaurants & Food Service

Tech-Enabled Consumer Platforms


We focus our efforts on partnering with businesses with certain long-term thematic trends:

Health and Well-Being

Brands, products and platforms that inspire physical and mental health, performance and well-being.  Representative companies include Kettle Chips and Calm Meditation.*


Omni-channel Convenience

Brands and companies with potential for diverse channel growth including direct-to-consumer, third party e-commerce, retail distribution and/or physical format. Representative companies include Warby Parker and Casper.*


Companies with products or services tailored to an individual or a unique group or segment.  Representative companies include Peleton Digital and Topology.*

Conscious Consumerism

Companies that emphasize creating a positive outcome for all stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, investors, and the community) while bringing greater focus to operating with environmental, social and governance transparency. Representative companies include Everlane and Patagonia.*

Quality at Value Prices

Companies that bring greater focus to providing quality products and value pricing to a broad consumer demographic. Representative companies Sprouts Farmers Market and Suit Supply.*

Sharing Economy

Companies that bring greater efficiency and effectiveness in distributing goods and services. Representative companies include Lyft and Instacart.*

*These companies, which are provided for illustrative purposes only, represent organizations that fit within our strategy and sectors, as well as with our concentration on long-term thematic trends.
Meaningful Partners is not affiliated with these organizations. 



  • Consumer Businesses empowering positive purpose and performance

  • Experienced, resilient and gritty leadership teams capable of delivering sustainable growth without shortcuts
  • Revenues > $10 million
  • Category disruptor (or potential)
  • Brand strength potential with sustainable pricing power
  • Omni-channel scalability
  • Willingness and ability to leverage our Expert Community