A Community of Discipline Experts
Committed to Driving Purposeful Growth

Our Expert Community includes more than 45 founders/entrepreneurs, senior executives (CEOs, CMOs, COOs, CFOs), strategists, executive/wellness coaches, investors, consultants and functional discipline experts who are actively running and operating consumer businesses and fully understand what it takes to build companies in today’s dynamic environment.  We leverage our collective experience set to establish pattern recognition in order to add value where it matters most.

We are inspired to build the companies of tomorrow and serve our partner companies by accelerating their growth and performance.  We are aligned investors in the firm.


We work with our partners companies to identify the most significant areas of opportunities to accelerate growth, potential and performance of the company and bring forward a wide-range of experience and expertise to help accelerate our collective goals.  Experience and expertise within our community includes:

  • Strategy, consumer insights, data analytics
  • Sales and distribution
  • Design and branding
  • Omnichannel, social media and digital marketing
  • Operations, manufacturing, supply chain and horizontal/vertical integration
  • Organizational development with an emphasis on employee and leadership well-being
  • Cognitive behavioral sciences and self-actualization psychology
  • Capital management and M&A