“Eight years ago we launched a global study of high growth companies, investigating the importance of three strategies known to drive it:  creating new markets, serving broader stakeholder needs, and changing the rules of the game.  What we found surprised us.  Although each of those approaches did boost growth at the organizations we studied, there was a fourth driver we hadn’t considered at all:  Purpose.”

 “In our data we find that companies with high levels of purpose outperform the market by 5%–7% per year, on par with companies with best-in-class governance and innovative capabilities. They also grow faster and have higher profitability.”

– Harvard Business Review (October 2019)

Executing Our Vision

We execute our vision by bringing together purposeful businesses and an operational focused Expert community and Investing team to create value for all stakeholders.

Purposeful Businesses

Purposeful Businesses are those which:

• Provide products and services that have earned customer trust and loyalty through product quality, customer well-being, and truth and transparency,

• Demonstrate a commitment to elevating ALL stakeholders – customers, employees, suppliers, communities, environment and shareholders,

• Are led by founders/management teams empowering positive purpose and leading with a high standard of integrity, accountability and performance.

Expert Community

Our unique membership-based operating model, led by 45 CEO/Founders and discipline experts, bring real-time domain expertise to source, conduct diligence and help accelerate growth and performance post investment. learn more…

Investing Team

Our investing team understands what it takes to build and grow sustainable businesses because we have done it ourselves as operators and investors.  learn more…




Why We Exist

  • We invest in purposeful companies and management teams empowering positive purpose and performance

  • Serve our partner companies

  • Commitment to ALL stakeholders including customers, employees, communities in which we do business, environment and shareholders


Attracted to Serve

  • Stay true to our higher-purpose of serving our partner companies, investors and each other
  • We must earn the trust of our companies by bringing knowledge and sound advice supporting their vision
  • Support the balance and well-being of our partner company management teams


How We Conduct Ourselves

  • Be clear, transparent, truthful and humble in our communication
  • Focus on what is best for who we serve –partner companies, Expert Community and investor partners
  • Keep close alignment with our investors throughout the investment cycle


Purpose & Knowledge Drive Performance

  • Be a knowledge and best-practices driven organization
  • Have clear aligned goals, objectives and communication with our partners – partner companies, Expert Community and investors
  • Earn the right to be the first call from founders and companies seeking capital or advice