We believe there are economic and societal benefits to accelerating the success of purposeful businesses


Meaningful Partners was founded to chart a new course in private equity in order to accelerate the success and performance of purposeful business. We believe that abundance and alpha is created by aligning high-performance partnerships across purpose-driven business leadership, an Expert Community network, and like-minded investors.

Purposeful Businesses – companies led by dedicated leaders that expect more of themselves and their companies in order to elevate customers, employees and society by creating and nurturing relevant products and services, inspiring consumer trust and loyalty, and prioritizing performance.

Expert Community – we have a unique operating model as our 40+ membership-based Expert Community of servant leaders bring deep industry expertise and relationships to help accelerate the growth and performance of our partner companies.

Aligned Long-Term Investor Partners –  our investor partners are motivated to invest in purposeful businesses that benefit customers, employees, the community and society, while creating abundance and returns for all stakeholders.






Why We Exist

  • Invest in companies and management teams empowering positive purpose and performance

  • Be Servant Leaders to our partner companies, Expert Community and investors
  • Authentic engagement and spirit of partnership with all stakeholders


Attracted to Serve

  • Stay true to our higher-purpose of serving our partner companies, investors and each other
  • We must earn the trust of our companies by bringing knowledge, resources and sound advice supporting their vision
  • Support the balance and well-being of our partner company management teams


How We Conduct Ourselves

  • Be clear, transparent, truthful and humble in our communication
  • Focus on what is best for who we serve –partner companies, Expert Community and investor partners
  • Keep close alignment with our investors throughout the investment cycle


Driven by Purpose & Knowledge

  • Be a knowledge and best practices driven organization
  • Have clear aligned goals, objectives and communication with our partners
  • Earn the right to be the first call from founders and companies seeking capital or advice

Los Angeles Office

2041 Rosecrans Ave, Suite 359
El Segundo, CA 90245